Hi (: The name is Gillian and welcome! I'm a girl that loves to reblog most of the amazing things I find on tumblr. You'll find lots of Kpop [basically because most of the things that are subbed and easily found are in Korean, at least to me]. Especially SHINee, B1A4, Ukiss. I'm slowly getting sucked into EXO and GOT7 (oh goodness, what am I doing to myself?)

Others can be from Art to Cultural things. From food to fashion, I like to reblog and blog them all! (:

I randomly post up random rants or reactions to recent anime episodes and other Dramas.

This is just the surface of the skin, learn more about me as I pour my heart out to everyone on the internet on what kind of person I think I am. I type that because your perspective of me may be totally different, but by reading the information below in the last link, I hope that you get a little bit of what kind of person I am.

I hope to be great buddies with everyone (: Enjoyyyy.

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I’m in the bathroom right now. Pooping. At school. There’s a girl in the next stall. Pooping too. You know what that means.


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Anonymous said: You're really cute c: have a good day!

Oh. My. Goodness. You are way too sweet. Thank you beautiful!! :D I hope you have a fantastic week! 

Selfie. Ugh…its been a while
Anonymous said: would you rather date jackson or mark xD


The answer is: why not both..

Just Wonderful | please do not edit.

Feeling like a disappointment in the family. I don’t know if I’m being to selfish anymore. Why do I feel the need for sometime to reassure me if my decisions and if whatever I’m doing is right or not? I want to see a counselor but I’m afraid the cultural difference may affect how they view my situation. Being the oldest and the only daughter, I feel like my options in life are limited.

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yes hello id like to buy this painting!! its just so beautiful. ive fallen in love and i have to have it. how much is it??? wait. what do you mean thats a mirror

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finally a UN that can bring peace and happiness to the world